do you remember?

Do you remember when I left that 7-11 slurpee in the car and David had to come help me get the ants out? Or that night on the beach when Kyla lost her sandals in the dark? What about that time that we saw fireflies in Louisville in the forest behind the casino?

What book was Annie reading that summer? Was it A Moveable Feast or Twilight? Did Eric ever get his jacket back after he lost it in the Lyft? How long did he date that girl from Virginia?

When you were little, did you play with Legos? Did you sneak your DS under your pillow when your parents came in to make sure you were asleep? How old were you when you first learned how to ride a bike?

Do you remember when we went bowling for Jack’s birthday and he got a strike with his eyes closed? How late did you stay out after we got drinks downtown? Didn’t Derek drive you home since you had work in the morning? 

Remember when we went to the store and got candy to eat in the parking lot? Do you remember seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the community theatre? Was that the summer before sophomore year?

Was it you that almost missed their six a.m. flight last Thanksgiving? Was that the year that your mom forgot to turn the oven on before putting in the turkey? Didn’t Casey go pick up KFC instead?

When we took that field trip in second grade, did you find anything when we were panning for gold? When we went to the mystery spot, was it Steven or Tori that threw up outside? Do you remember when it rained right after we planted our corn seeds and we thought it was magic?

Do you remember how long the train ride was from Lisbon to Madrid? Was that the time that you were afraid that you would get in trouble because your passport photo didn’t look anything like you? How much bread do you think we ate on that trip?

Do you miss reading on that bench in the park next to the museum? Didn’t you meet Max there while he was skating in the courtyard? Was that the year that he broke his arm on that camping trip and you all had to come back early?

How much do you remember?

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