poems from april

My creative writing class naturally had a creative writing unit. I have mixed feelings about poetry. There are many rules that are “meant to be broken” which blur the lines of quality. If anything is allowed, what makes a poem good or bad? I always feel like I’m doing a good job, and that feels… Continue reading poems from april

on the way

The phone rang irritably on Marilyn’s bedside table. On its third ring, she considered that whoever was on the other end of the line might have something important to offer like a publishing deal or congratulations for a sweepstakes win. She read Peter’s name on the screen and decided that, while he couldn’t possibly provide… Continue reading on the way

time enough at last

Ellorah stepped inside the office and informed the secretary of her appointment. The woman gave her a numbered ticket and told her to take a seat in the mostly-vacant waiting room. She found an unmarked, plastic-covered chair and sat down until her number appeared on the screen above the reception desk. A voice over the… Continue reading time enough at last

do you remember?

Do you remember when I left that 7-11 slurpee in the car and David had to come help me get the ants out? Or that night on the beach when Kyla lost her sandals in the dark? What about that time that we saw fireflies in Louisville in the forest behind the casino? What book… Continue reading do you remember?

not a love story

< click the button to open the playlist! I did my very best to embed it directly to the page, but WordPress isn’t cooperating with Spotify at the moment. I promise the link is safe! Since all of our San Diego seasons love to mix themselves together, making playlists based on the weather is a… Continue reading not a love story

for the best

written on May 21, 2020 / On Ellis Avery’s 26th birthday, she woke up to a grey window glittered with rain. This sight was a great relief, as she had hoped to spend the day inside but was afraid of the pressure to go out on a “beautiful” day. It was nine thirty now and… Continue reading for the best


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