not a love story

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Since all of our San Diego seasons love to mix themselves together, making playlists based on the weather is a bit arbitrary. Hence, a summer playlist in May! Time isn’t real! In this (and future) playlist entries, I’d like to go through the first drafts of new playlists, giving a bit of history and insight as to why I chose particular songs. Do these things matter to anyone but me? Maybe! Most likely not, but it’ll be fun to examine the intentionality and care that I’ve put into these playlists in the future.

Without further ado, this is “Not A Love Story: A Summer Playlist in Three Parts.” Here we go!

Part 1: The fun stuff. The get up and dance stuff. The sunny drives along the 101 stuff.

  1. COMMON PEOPLE: Found on Sally Rooney’s playlist for her character, Connell, in “Normal People”
  2. MODERN LOVE: From the soundtrack to Frances Ha, of course
  3. CRUEL: From Discover; Featuring the lead singer from Phox, which is another wonderful band
  4. PRESSURE TO PARTY: My friend, Amanda, recommended this song to me when I wasn’t in the best mood so I put off listening to it until I was ready to have fun and that was a good move because now it’s one of my favorite “getting ready for a party” songs.
  5. IF WE ALL DIE TOMORROW: Tom Rosenthal’s perfect apocalyptic love song
  6. SHE’S GOT YOU HIGH: Because I’m obsessed, I try to name my summer playlists with lines from 500 Days of Summer. Last summer’s was “i love the smiths.” Also, if I ever say, “Guess what movie this is in!” when any song is playing, there’s a 98% chance it’s from 500 Days. Guess what movie this is in!
  7. JACK AND BLOW: The entire Atta Boy album has a special place in my heart. This song is no exception.
  8. GODMANCHESTER CHINESE BRIDGE: I’m obsessed with songs that have “secrets” buried in them. I’ve never been to this bridge, but whoever wrote this song is waiting there apparently.

Part 2: The chill stuff. The painting at the kitchen table stuff. The people watching stuff.

  1. SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS: Maro is a legend and this song hits so close to home.
  2. WE TALK ALL THE TIME: Maybe the best song to drive to? Her lyrics are wonderful and I recommend all of her songs.
  3. SEVEN HOURS: If I ran, I would run to this song. I was obsessed with Little May’s “Boardwalks” two summers ago, and I ventured into her other songs to find this little beauty.
  4. BLACKWIND: Found this one from the phenomenal What If soundtrack. If you watch one romcom this summer, it should be that one.
  5. CRISTINA: Another from the Connell playlist! Sally Rooney is too good.
  6. CUT YOUR BANGS: Can’t call my bluff, Girlpool! I did cut my bangs. (A joke that sounded better in my head and probably should have stayed there.)
  7. TOMMY’S PARTY: I have no memory of where I found this song. Discover weekly? Just showed up in my liked songs one day? Recommended by a friend? Whatever. It’s fun.
  8. LOVE WILL TEAR US APART: It’s a cover, yes, featured in Hulu’s adaptation of “Normal People.” A gorgeous, soft rendition that still manages to emotionally punch you in the gut.

Part 3: The quiet stuff. The sunset walk stuff. The tea before bed stuff.

  1. ELEANOR RIGBY: Another cover! This version is so good it belongs in a movie scene.
  2. DEIXA: Maro again! A good meditation song, focusing on leaving behind the day and forgetting the world for a moment.
  3. IN SPITE OF ALL THE DANGER: Baby Beatles singing a love song. I first heard it while watching Nowhere Boy, which is actually a pretty good movie.
  4. MANHATTAN: One of my favorite people to follow on social media, Leah Lu, shared this on her Instagram story. It makes me miss the city.
  5. HOW MANY BLANKETS ARE IN THE WORLD: I heard this song on my friend Jam’s playlist last year. It’s probably on my list of top ten favorite songs and I couldn’t give you a technical reason why. I just believe that it’s strikingly good.
  6. NOTHING MORE THAN THAT: This Paper Kites album has some gems and this is definitely one of them. I want to fall in love to this song.
  7. TEETH: so sad, but Billie’s voice is so calming and her words make me feel understood and comforted.
  8. I WILL SMILE WHEN I THINK OF YOU: This is the song that plays as you watch the otherwise silent montage of the main characters’ love story from the beginning to the end of the relationship. It’s tragic and wonderful and I can’t get the phrase “songs are widowed when they’ve lost the ones they’re for” out of my brain. This song is imprinted on my soul for life.

I’m expecting this playlist to be morphed and expanded as the season drags on, but this is it for now. Enjoy!

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